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PLA (Polylactic Acid) – Made with 4032D Ingeo Natureworks resin. The new gold standard

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Procentrik Series – Filaments pushing the envelope of cutting edge materials

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Advanced Series – proprietary blends focused on changing the way filaments are produced

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What AllPro3D Offers

We’re committed to customer satisfaction – wholesale and bulk sales. See our extensive selection of materials, wide palette of colors, strict +/-.05mm tolerance, optimal printing characteristics, manufactured to work on all FDM (FFF) type printers.

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We only sell premium grade filament – why not try out a test sample on your 3D printer before you buy it.

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What our customers are saying!

Sean Eyler – CTO – Inc
“As the CTO of a hardware startup company, we needed a way to prototype our components fast. Andreas and All Professional 3D enabled us to do that. Their material and color selection was more than we needed, but Andreas helped us select the right one. The communication throughout the entire process was comforting. We knew when our components were being made, and how they looked, and when they were ready to ship. The pricing is also competitive compared to other rapid fabrication labs. 10/10 would use again, 10/10 would recommend.”
Chris Russell – CTO – Jank3D Printers
“As builder and designer of 3D printers, All Professional 3D filament has been my go-to brand when I need parts made at precise dimensions, and with consistent print quality. All professional 3D filament allows me to achieve highly accurate and repeatable prints when compared to other brands of filament I have used. For obvious reasons, the Russell Blue PETG has been my personal favorite.”
Paul Yanzick – President – Sioux Designs
“Many of our designs incorporate 3D printed components which require precise tolerances. We have found many filaments vary too much from roll to roll, which requires re-calibration of our printers to fit the needs of the new role. We have found the PETG filament from All Professional 3D to be the most consistent filament at an affordable price currently on the market. All of our 3D printed production parts provided to our customers are printed exclusively with All Professional 3D filament.”
Editor – 3DPrintWise
“A well deserved reputation for providing the highest quality filament to the 3D printing industry”
Made in the USA

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