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All Professional 3D is a filament company located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to support the current desktop 3D printer revolution, by providing premium grade material at a more economic cost.

Why does filament quality matter?

Consistency and reliability are critical for printing success and peace of mind. The material you print with is just as important as the equipment you use. Without quality materials you are not producing the results you should be. Failed prints, wasted time, and expended filament can make any fun hobby a nightmare. Quality filament is always made from virgin materials and colorants. Plastic loses its strength everytime it is remelted and extruded again, which causes loss of purity and very poor quality. By having pure material from the beginning you retain the maximum strength and durability of a specific material.

The industry standard of diameter is 1.75 and 3.00 millimeter filament is, +/- .05 millimeters. Without consistency, filament becomes jammed or is unable to feed into the hotend which can lead to more printer downtime. Ovality is the determination of how circular your strand of filament is. If your filament is not circular, you can run into feeding issues in your hotend, or over/under extrusion. Extrusion reliability is a key component for accurately printing small detailed objects, or maintaning smooth surface finish during high resolution printing.

Correct Filament Diameter
Correct Filament Diameter


Incorrect Filament Diameter
Incorrect Filament Diameter

Our filament is stored in a humidity controlled room, with an inspection prior to shipping. Each batch is tested on our machines to ensure its quality meets our standard. We print exclusively with our own brand. Our clients choose us because they are able to provide their customers with high quality models, while still driving their bottom line.

Helping to build the future

We believe that 3D printing can revolutionize the future of how we design and see the world around us. The up and coming 3D printing era is producing a new generation of inventors. Mass production and global logistics will be completely disrupted by the effect of 3D printing by the time and money it would normally take to deliver certain products. 3D printing now eliminates that. In the long term, filament costs will exceed the overall price for your 3D printer. We are looking to keep the cost of ownership down. We want our children and future generations to embrace this technology while expanding their knowledge and skillset, open new oppurtunities, while not being limited by a monetary value.

Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing means there is no longer a need for an expensive/long prototyping process. These items can be custom built to the exact specifications of the customer, providing businesses a huge increase in customer satisfaction. A customer has an idea for an object or prototype, and consults someone with a 3d printer and computer. Sometimes a model may need to be created if it has never been created before, or you may find thousands of pre made files online. Printing is the next step, from simply uploading a file into your favorite 3d printer software. Press print, and shortly after you have a finished product! If tweaks need to be made or a design change, it can then be modified swiftly, effectively, and inexpensively. No more waiting around for a callback, response to an email, or back and forth collaboration between a large design and fabrication company. This saves you time and money which allows you to be in complete control of your ideas and business. Our filament is wound on a spool, which means we are compatible with all FDM style printers such as: RepRap, Rostock, Prusa i2/i3, Mendel, Robo3D, Type A, Makerbot etc.

Customer service / warranty

Some companies may have a great product but when it comes to getting great customer service; it is the complete opposite. It leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth wondering why you even bought that product to begin with. We know the feeling all to well. We dont like it either! Contact us through email or by phone, and we will be happy assist you. Our company looks to provide transparency knowing you are able to speak to someone directly for any question you may have. We are dedicated to providing you with great communication from the very beginning.

If there is something defective or unusable about your filament, we will replace your product or refund your money. No questions asked. If you decide you are not completely satisfied, send us back the unused portion of the spool. We will then pro-rate a refund based on amount of material used.

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