Made IN USA Miracle ABS by AllProfessional3D Offers Best Quality/Price Ratio

PRESS RELEASE 1-17-2016:

Furlong, Pennsylvania, January 1st, 2016 – Filament consistency and reliability are critical for 3D printing success and piece of mind. The material used in the 3D printing process is just as important as the hardware and software equipment you use. Without quality materials results will never meet the highest standards. Failed prints can result in wasted time and filament, which can turn any fun hobby or assigned job into a nightmare.


In order to provide the best quality materials for its new Miracle ABS range, AllProfessional3D recently introduced a new polymer that is based on materials from Ineos, (, which is the same manufacturer that provides the plastics for Lego pieces. The Miracle ABS filament has a higher tensile strength than most ABS on the market today, much better curling and warping resistance. Odor is also significantly reduced.


Quality filament is always made from virgin materials and colorants. Plastic loses its strength everytime it is remelted and extruded again, which causes loss of purity and very poor quality. By having the purest material from the beginning you retain the maximum strength and durability of a specific material.


AllProfessional3D’s mission is to provide the industry with the best quality US-made materials at the most affordable prices. Its Miracle ABS filament represent a significant step in this direction, providing makers and professionals with a superior filament to work with that is also entirely manufactured in the USA, abiding by the best standards of quality at $23.95 per one kilogram spool (the same price as its PLA and PETG filaments).


Our filament is extremely affordable and yet its quality is the best in the industry,” says Andreas Vetter, AllProfessional3D’s founder and CEO. “We may be smaller than other retailers but we make it a point of using the highest grade materials while also adopting a pricing policy that brings out spools way below industry average. We find this is appealing to both wholesalers and average consumers alike.”


AllProfessional3D’s filaments are entirely manufactured locally, on US soil. Their direct quality control protocols ensure the highest dimensional consistency, preventing filament to become jammed or unable to feed into the hotend during the 3D printing process. Extrusion reliability is a key component for accurately 3D printing small, detailed objects, and for obtaining a smooth surface finish on high resolution prints.


After extrusion Filament is stored in a humidity controlled room and is inspected again prior to shipping. Each batch is tested on internal machines to ensure its quality meets AllProfessional3D’s standards. “We print exclusively with our own brand of materials,” says Andreas Vetter. “Services that use our products choose them to provide their customers with high quality models, while still driving their bottom line.


AllProfessional3D wants to be a partner for established engineering firms, startups, makerspaces, educational institutions and organizations by providing the best filaments at the best price. In order to further optimize pricing and purchasing conditions, the company can work with any order request and also provide private labeling options. For any information contact AllProfessional3D’s team at the email address below.



Founded by Andreas Vetter, AllProfessional3D is a filament manufacturing company located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to support the current desktop 3D printer revolution, by providing premium grade material at a more affordable cost.



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