Wholesale - Advanced Series 3D Printing Filament

Advanced ABS, Advanced PETG, Advanced HIPS

Always manufactured in the USA from virgin pellets and medical grade colorants

In general, all FDM adopters know that filament consistency and reliability are critical for 3D printing success and piece of mind. The material used in the 3D printing process is just as important as the hardware and software equipment used. Failed prints can result in wasted time and filament, which can turn any fun hobby or assigned job into a nightmare. By having the purest material from the beginning, one can retain and utilize the maximum strength and durability of a specific material.

We implement direct quality control protocols to ensure the highest dimensional consistency, preventing filament from becoming jammed or unable to feed into the hot end during the 3D printing process. Extrusion reliability is a key component for accurately 3D printing small, detailed objects, and for obtaining a smooth surface finish on high resolution prints.

After extrusion, the filament is stored in a humidity-controlled room and is inspected again prior to shipping. Each batch is tested on internal machines to make sure it will be ready for printing as soon as you open your package.

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